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Episode 009: 9 Mile Brewing’s One Year Anniversary, Pub Ale, Shardic Expression No 1 and More!

We head down to Bloomington Minnesota to visit 9 Mile Brewing!  We talk with Bob Countryman, owner and CEO and John Leingang head brewer!  We ...

Episode 008: Millner Heritage Winery and Eponymous Brewing Cheese Pairing Featuring Cheese from Readhead Creamery

We are finally back on the road!  We talk about our recent trip to Ft. Collins, CO and then we explore just North West of ...

Episode 004: Unlabled -The Blind Beer Tasting Board Game!

We review the board game Unlabled -The Blind Beer Tasting Board Game.  Watch Gary, Alec and Chris taste their way through beers by Inbound, Earth ...

Episode 007: Tales of the Paranormal, Trip to Kansas City, MO to visit Boulevard Brewing, Slaps BBQ and More

In this episode we get spooky for the Halloween season as Steph retells our recent run in with the paranormal over a hot apple cider ...

Episode 003: Field Trip to Adventure Loot Games and Interview with Cory The Red Dragon Inn by Slugfest Games

In this episode we continue on our Road Trip from the last episode, as we head to Mound, MN.  We meet up with Cory, one ...

Episode 002: Field Trip to Unmapped Brewing and Interview with Derek over Fluxx by Looney Labs

This is going to be part one of a two part on the road episode for our team.  So grab a cold on and kick ...

Episode 006: Amana Colonies and Cedar Rapids, IA, Millstream Brau Haus, Clock House Brewing and Lake Time Brewing Reviews

In this episode of Wandering the weekend we had out to the Amana Colonies near Cedar Rapids, IA.  We pay a visit to the Map ...

Episode 001: King of Tokyo by Iello, also featuring Montgomery Brewing, Clock House Brewing, Toppling Goliath, and Panther Distillery

Welcome to our inaugural episode of The Beer, Bourbon, and Board Game podcast show.  In this episode we will be playing King of Tokyo by ...

Episode 005: Gin and Tonic Tasting, and Wanders to Lake City, MN and Decorah, IA

Join us as we get back on the road after a long COVID winter. First we take a Mini Wander to Lake City, Minnesota and ...

Episode 004: Bonus Episode 2020 Cabin Weekend Board Game Review, Grocery Runs and More!

Will takes over the show this month to talk about his annual Cabin Weekend.  We review board game classics like Cards Against Humanity, Oregon Trail, ...

Episode 003: Settling in for the Winter, Halloween & Craft Beer Pairing, The Paqui One Chip Challenge, 50 States of Coffee, and More!

Winter comes early to Minnesota, and we settle in as the road trip season nears the end.  We feature a Halloween Candy and Craft Beer ...

Episode 002: Menomonie, WI to Montgomery, MN , Apples, Cheese, Crisp and More!

Will and Steph bundle up the kids and set out on this week's episode.  We drive out to Menomonie, WI to check out Lucette and ...

Episode 001: St. Paul to Red Wing, MN, Corn Chowder, and Autumn Elixir Cocktails

Will and Steph venture to St. Paul to visit to two of Minnesota's oldest craft breweries, St Paul Brewing Co. and Bent Brewstillery. Then it's ...

Pilot Episode: Wandering The Weekend

Will and Steph wander to Excelsior, MN for the Excelsior Flea Market. Then they are off to New Mound, MN for a local Farmer's Market ...
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