2022 Autumn Brew Review Preview

Is there a more perfect season for enjoying the harmonious synergy that malt, hops, yeast, and water create than fall?  I think not.  Something about crisp, balmy Autumn air and satisfying malty and soulful beers put me in a heightened state of beervana.  So, it is with bated breath that I await the day of this year’s Autumn Brew Review that will take place this Saturday at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis from 1-5pm for MNThusiast Members and 1:30-5pm for general admission ticket holders.  This is one of my favorite beer festivals of the year because the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild always does such a great job with it.

Autumn Brew Review

Find What is on Tap on Untappd!

This year, instead of an app, there is an entire Untappd event dedicated to ABR (Autumn Brew Review), and I could not be happier.  As an avid Untappd user, this is awesome because it makes checking in beers a cinch.  Fear not, if you are not an Untappd user, you can still see the beers, just search Autumn Brew Review under Venue and it pops right up.

Now, let’s talk about the beers.  I sifted through the list with a fine-toothed comb and selected some of the beers I thought looked interesting.  I also tried to highlight any recent GABF award-winning beers.  There are several to try and I figured that people might enjoy that.  This list leans pretty malt-forward simply because the time of year dictates the lunar pull of malty and decadent flavors.


Forgotten Star Schwarzbier 5.2% ABV 30 IBU

This traditional dark lager brewed at Forgotten Star won a gold medal at the 2021 GABF Awards.  It is fantastic in that it possesses such a satisfying amount of roasted malt flavor.  The body is perfect for the style and I think you should seek it out.

Bent Paddle Dunkel Lager 5.7% ABV and 27 IBU

One of this year’s GABF gold-medal winners, is also a wonderful style for the season.  Of course, Bent Paddle always brews consistently magnificent beers.  I believe this one is out of their small batch sector.  I love it when a big production brewery still dabbles in styles that are not commonly found on the typical tap list.  I am excited to try this one, for sure!

Lakes & Legends Bawk Bock 5.8% ABV and 24 IBU

I tasted this Lakes & Legends beer several weeks ago at their Oktoberfest event.  Wow, what an amazing example of how malt can really showcase caramel and dark fruit notes in a beer that is not too heavy. 

Spilled Grain Brewhouse Oktoberfest 5.8% ABV 44 IBU

Spilled Grain Brewhouse’s Oktoberfest is satisfyingly malty while being crisp and drinkable.  It will fit the bill perfectly for the Autumn Brew Review.  Yes, I understand that people have been consuming a lot of this style, lately, but good beer is good beer.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Bad Weather Brewing Keller Pils 5.8% ABV 45 IBU

When the magicians at Bad Weather brew a lager, it is fair to say it will absolutely, as the kids say, slap.  This is liquid excellence and will probably impress you more for its dynamic simplicity than any motor oil, diabetes-inducing stout that you will find here.


Surly Brewing Wet 6.1% ABV

Surly Wet is a wonderful beer that has been absent from liquor store shelves for a minute.  Well, it is back and you should try it.  A freshly-hopped beer is a special thing in the fall and I am looking forward to…wetting my whistle 😉  I’ll show myself out…

Omni Brewing FAD 8% ABV 40 IBU

Omni’s FAD has become a favorite of mine in the family of New England-style IPAs.  This is, in fact, a DIPA that has juicy brightness and a bit of bitterness in the finish to tie it together like a perfect little package.

Back Channel Brewing Dunzo 6.7% ABV

When I am waxing poetic about Back Channel, it is usually because of a malty wonder they have created.  However, the brewery the made it en vogue to drink New England IPAs out of a bowl has clout when it comes to a hazy IPA.  This will be no exception.  I am looking forward to trying this one.

Steel Toe Size 7 IPA 7% ABV 77 IBU

Steel Toe Brewing has always impressed me.  I don’t get there as often as I should.  I love trying their Size 7 because it reminds me why I fell in love with IPAs back in the day.  I imagine they get taken for granted because they are so ridiculously consistent with their beer.  Do yourself a favor and make sure you reacquaint yourself with old reliable.

Mixed Fermentation Beers

Scribbled Lines MOAB 7.8% ABV

MOAB stands for Mother of All Barrels.  If you have had anything from Lupulin’s Scribbled Lines mixed fermentation line of excellent beers, you know how special this beer is.  The Scribbled Lines beers are allowed to do their thing and let the brewers know when they are ready.  It is a special beer and will dazzle your palate.

Starkeller Dark Perimeter 7.3% ABV

The Starkeller beers are incredibly well-made.  I have tried many over the years.  What stands out about them is how fascinating the beers taste and feel on your tongue.  This is a special sip of beer and you should seek this one out.


Lift Bridge Brewery 3-Year Commander Barleywine 12.5% ABV 29 IBU

This will be one that will definitely take the nip out of the air.  Lift Bridge’s Commander is, for me, synonymous with winter holidays because of its festive use of cardamom.  If it has aged for three years, it will be smoother than Velveeta in July.  That’s a thing, right?

Jack Pine Brewery Bonfire S’Mores Stout 5% ABV 10 IBU

This is a great beer for this time of year.  I think that this one will pair really well with the S’more station that they will have at Autumn Brew Review.  This Jack Pine beer hits the roasty element of the whole bonfire element, and I’m here for it.

Modist Brewing Ritual Night 6.3% ABV

I am so happy to be able to drink this, again!  I fell in love with this Modist Brewing beer years ago.  It has a smoky and spicy hit of pepper amidst all the other dark chocolate and roasted malt flavors.  If there was ever a beer that would get me to offer up a goat to the almighty stout gods, this is it.

Boom Island Brewing Punkin’ Pie Autumn Ale 6.6%

It can’t be Autumn Brew Review without a pumpkin beer.  Boom Island brews this style to my liking with a nice bit of pumpkin pie spice, without a ton of extra sweetness.  It drinks very balanced and pairs well with fall.

Falling Knife Brewing Death’s Head 14% ABV

I typically pass on the pastry stouts.  However, Falling Knife really knows how to knock them out of the park.  I enjoyed this at their anniversary party last weekend because I adore pistachio.  Autumn Brew Review is a perfect way to enjoy a small serving because a few ounces definitely goes a long way.

I think Saturday’s Autumn Brew Review promises to be quite the display of wonderfully brewed local beers.  I can’t wait.  I am also curious about what you all are looking forward to drinking.  Drop what has you excited in the comments!  Prost!

Dan Beaubien has been involved with Beerploma since 2014 although his passion for craft beer dates back to 2006 when he started traveling for beer.  He mostly covers craft beer events, festivals, brewery openings/releases, and beer reviews. Dan has a soft spot in his heart for authentic British Style ales, IPAs, and all things barrel-aged.  If you have any questions or comments about this article feel free to email Dan at dan.beaubien@beerploma.com .