2022 All Pints North Preview

On Saturday, July 30th, the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild will throw their annual party, All Pints North at Bayfront Park in Duluth. For many Minnesota craft beer fans, All Pints North is an important waypoint on the craft beer fun map. This is a wonderfully curated beer festival featuring so many fantastic local breweries who bring some of their best beers to showcase. In fact, it is so popular that as of the Tuesday before the festival, the tickets are all sold out.

Breweries often go all-out with their booths. We have had everything from Junkyard’s WWF Wrestling-themed booth to a wonderful homage to Jurassic Park complete with inflatable velociraptors thanks to the wacky folks at Prye’s Brewing. The festival has so much going on from interactive games, to unique vendors, to a bevy of food trucks that it takes on a feeling of a Midwest Carnivale.

Last year, I even saw one fest-goer immerse themselves in Lake Superior. Truth be told, it was like watching a majestic merman emerge from the watery depths of Atlantis and then stumble around the rocks looking for their car keys. Onlookers were both befuddled and entranced at this aquatic act. It turns out, dipping into the Gitchee Gumee is something that Charles (@mnchuggs) does as a yearly tradition.

All Pints North: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

The traditions within the tradition that people have for their All Pints North weekend are all quite unique. For instance, the last couple years, I have been fond of going to The Cedar Lounge (Earth Rider Brewing’s taproom) first to enjoy some flawless and crisp lagers to start things off.

I used to head straight for Castle Danger and then work my way back to Duluth. There was one year where I tried my luck at “The Gallybuster” at the Anchor Bar in Superior; perhaps not something that I should have done given the ensuing digestive unrest. Whatever way you All Pints North, remember to have fun and embrace it with fervor and gusto because when 2020 took it away from us, that was quite sad.

Beers to Keep an Eye Out For at All Pints North

I have perused the app, which I highly recommend downloading (available for Android and IOS users) because it has most of the beers listed that breweries are bringing to All Pints North. After looking through the beer lists, I have curated a selection of things I am excited to try. I have organized them loosely by category. Obviously, there are a ton of wonderful beers to try and this is just a starter for you. Note: When I wrote this article, there were a handful of breweries that had not uploaded their beers into the app.

Crispy Beers

Bad Weather Brewing Munich Helles

This seemingly simple beer is brewed expertly at Bad Weather Brewing. If you are looking for malt satisfaction, you need to drink this perfect beer. Bad Weather’s Munich Helles is going to be refreshing and flavorful on Saturday. Bad Weather is playing a role in the resurgence of classic European styles in our local craft beer scene because they brew them so well. If you can’t get up to Duluth for this beer, fear not, it is also available in cans!

Lakes & Legends Vibe Czech

Lakes & Legends have really been opening some eyes with their beers. The last few years have brought more consistency and likability to their beers. This is in huge part to their brewers, Kyle and Kabel, who have really doubled down on putting tons of thought into what people want to drink. The Vibe Czech is clean and crisp with just the right amount of malt sweetness for the style. It is a nice and balanced sip of beer and it will refresh you on Saturday.

Steel Toe Brewing Split Point Pilsner-5% ABV

Since Steel Toe is synonymous with quality and excellence, I am assuming that their pilsner is something that needs to be on everyone’s radar. I am really excited to drink this beer and enjoy it. Also, while I am at the booth, I will definitely be having some Size 7.

Arbeiter Brewing Haha Pils-5% ABV

Arbeiter’s Haha Pils is one of my favorite beers available in the Twin Cities. Flavors, aromas, and textures are spot-on. However, I guess I associate this beer with the people I run into when I drink it. To me, this beer represents kindness, community, and a steadfast commitment to quality and doing things right. I love this beer and when it is on tap, which, thankfully, is quite often, I always order a full pour in the taproom. If you haven’t had the chance to try this, yet, I suggest you do so.

Hoppy Beers

9 Mile Brewing’s Current Obsession Hazy IPA-6.5% ABV

This is a wonderful example of why this style started becoming so popular. 9 Mile Brewing’s Current Obsession drinks so balanced. It has a pillowy mouthfeel, tons of juicy hop aromas and flavors, and it finishes with a nice bit of bitterness to balance out the beer. There are so many beers out there that want to be like this but aren’t. That tells me that the brewing team at 9 Mile have really done their homework on this. So, stop by the booth, drink some, and then thank them for putting out such a fantastic beer!

HeadFlyer Brewing Wicked Jump Shot

This is a crushable hazy pale ale that has a lot of wonderful fruit flavors happening. Since it is a pale ale, it has less body than an IPA. This makes it a little easier to drink in the summer heat. I really enjoy this beer. HeadFlyer Brewing named this Wicked Jump Shot, but if you are looking for a juicy and delightful summer beer, this baby is a slam dunk!

Town Hall Brewery Masala Mama-6.4% ABV

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The folks at Town Hall Brewery have been brewing this wonderful hoppy gem for a long time. It is an immaculate beer that stands the test of time. It has a unique and profound hop profile. The beer is hoppy, but with a touch of artistry and balance. I would love to have cans of this in my fridge at all times, but the Puritanical hunyucks that crafted our state’s liquor laws don’t allow for brewpubs to distribute their beers to liquor stores, so I can’t. Oh well, I will have to just drink lots of it at All Pints North.

Wabasha Brewing’s Transcendent IPA

When I think of Wabasha Brewing beers that I love, I have to say that I always immediately think of their award-winning Westside Popper. However, their Transcendent IPA has really impressed me. It drinks cleaner and with more distinctive flavors and textures than some of their other hoppy beers. So, do yourself a favor and stop by to try this one. You might just be transcended to a place of joy and quenched thirst.

Funky Beers (mixed fermentation & kettle soured)

Scribbled Lines Boris V.1

The mixed fermentation beers that have come out of Scribbled Lines have been nothing short of spectacular. Boris V. 1 is a testament to the process of letting funk do its thing. There is no actual fruit in this beer, whose base is a golden sour, however, you will swear that they added peaches. Well, they didn’t. There is also a balance from the tannins of the barrel that make this a very balanced beer. I would recommend that you try all the Scribbled Lines beers because they are on-par with some of the best mixed fermentation beers available in the country.

Forager Brewery Orchard Behavior-6% ABV

While I haven’t had this beer before, I know that when Forager Brewery does anything in the mixed fermentation vein, it is nothing short of stellar. Orchard Behavior was done in collaboration with Keepsake Cidery and utilizes pressed estate-grown raw apple cider. I am really excited to see how this comes out.

Eastlake Brewing Pick-a-Peck Pickle Gose-4% ABV tapping at 4:30

I like all things pickle. So, I think that this beer will be really fun to try. This Eastlake Brewing barrel aged Gose promises big pickle flavor. Hopefully you have some dill pickle chips on your pretzel necklace to enjoy the perfect pairing with this beer. My hope is that the herbaceous notes from the dill will be perceptible along with some big tartness.

Revelation Ale Works Deviation 03-7% ABV tapping at 5:00

This American wild ale from Revelation Ale Works sounds like a treat. This brett-fermented beer was aged in a foeder with peach and blackberries. I am excited to see if it delivers on the whole sweet and tangy flavor blend. You really can’t go wrong with anything from Revelation Ale Works.


Modist Brewing Barrel-Aged Innocence and Decadence-14% ABV

No, Innocence and Decadence is not the title of my adult novel chronicling the boom mic gent named Nigel who worked on the set of the Great British Baking Show. This is an imperial red ale that was aged in a Willet Rye barrels and then hit with Ghana cocao nibs, cream cheese, and Madagascar vanilla beans. If reincarnation is a thing, I want to come back as a man named Nigel, who is a boom mic guy on the Great British…. I mean, I want to be reincarnated as a red velvet cake taster in Georgia. I love red velvet cake, and I cannot wait to try this Modist beer!!!

Drastic Measures Brewing Skiddies with peanut butter and chocolate-10.5% ABV

Well, if there is one certainty, along with death and taxes, is is that Drastic Measures knows how to make a damn-fine pastry stout. Brett first lured me in with one of his amazing Oreo cookie stouts back in the day. Since then, I have been a very willing participant to try anything he brews of that ilk. I am giddy with excitement to give this one a whirl.

Falling Knife Brewing Very Old Painless-15.1% ABV tapping at 4:30

Next to a really good plate of fish and chips and a Prime Minister that looks like a muppet, I love an English Barleywine. This is Falling Knife’s English barleywine that was aged in bourbon barrels. I imagine that the figgy, leathery, and dark fruit flavors of the Old Painless will marry quite well with the bourbon barrel. It taps at 4:30, and I will be there at 3.

Unmapped Brewing Company Anutter Peanut Butter Porter-6.6% ABV

Not as extreme as when the pumpkin beer craze jumped the shark, there was a time, not that long ago, that everybody and their brother were releasing a peanut butter porter. Well, that has settled because for every amazing one like the Dangerous Man Brewing iteration, there were about 10 that probably should never have left the tanks. Unmapped Brewing Company has theirs and it is balanced, satisfying, and quite superb. I love that they brewed one because their brewing team has the chops to do anything. I think you all will really like it!

Bent Paddle Brewing 2021 Double Shot Double Black-11.2% ABV

Bent Paddle’s Double Shot Double Black is on the Mount Rushmore of Minnesota Big Beers as far as I am concerned. The balance of booze and coffee in this beer is simply wonderful. A malt-lover’s dream, DSDB only gets better with age. Tread lightly, though, this boozy biggin’ is deceptively smooth.

Are You Thirsty, Yet?

I want to end by thanking the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild for giving me a press pass to cover the event. I will be doing a lot of live video, available on Beerploma’s social media feeds (add us on FB & IG). Hopefully, you find this article helpful. This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything that will amaze and impress. What are you excited to try? Where is your first stop when you get up to the area? Leave some info in the comments!

Word of Warning: if you wear are tank top with pineapples on it, you might be propositioned by swingers at a bar later in the evening. That is all I am going to write about that, for now. If you want to hear the full story, find me at the festival, and I will tell you the whole ridiculous tale. Also, so I am easy to spot, I will be wearing said pineapple tank top again this year. Prost!

Dan Beaubien has been involved with Beerploma since 2014 although his passion for craft beer dates back to 2006 when he started traveling for beer.  He mostly covers craft beer events, festivals, brewery openings/releases, and beer reviews. Dan has a soft spot in his heart for authentic British Style ales, IPAs, and all things barrel-aged.  If you have any questions or comments about this article feel free to email Dan at dan.beaubien@beerploma.com .