Town Hall Brewery’s Barrel-Aged Month

Town Hall Brewery

Town Hall Brewery is giving beer geeks a major shot in the arm with a month-long celebration of barrel-aged excellence. There are new beers releasing each week and this year promises to provide us all with some special sips. The Town Hall Brewery Barrel-Aged Month comes at a time when we all need a reminder of what normal can feel like again.

Safety First

A big reason for extending one of the greatest Minnesota beer traditions from a week to a month was to allow for people to enjoy Barrel-Aged Month safely. With a lower indoor capacity, Town Hall Brewery thought it would make sense for people to try to not all show up at the same time. Rather, they have an entire month to visit.

I know that in year’s past, I would try to pack in 3 visits in one week. Every time I was there, Town Hall Brewery was packed to the gills with thirsty folks, all marveling at the legendary libations filling their snifters. With this year being during a pandemic, Town Hall is prioritizing safety for its friends.

Barrel-Aged Month Is Exactly What We All Deserve

In one way or another, 2020 took things from us. Many of us lost people we held near and dear to us. A lot of us missed out on family gatherings and traditions. However, the lineup of barrel-aged goodness this year at Town Hall Brewery almost feels like the universe’s way of giving us a much-neede consolation prize. The list of beers is filled with amazing beers that you are going to love.

How This Year Will Be Different

Other than the obvious expansion of dates, there are some fun differences to this Barrel-Aged fiesta del cha-cha that should excite you. I asked brewer Derek Brown about what people can expect and he provided some great insight.

First and foremost, Brown believes that people are really going to like Czar Jack being featured earlier than normal. Czar Jack is typically released towards the end of barrel-aged week. “This year, it is just above and beyond what it has been in the past.” Derek Brown also thinks this year will have a more relaxed feel to it and people can be more leisurely about their visits.

In regards to the beer list, Derek explains that have more flexibility about what beers they are featuring this year. The barrel-aged beers are only available at the Town Hall Brewery location this year. In years past, Town Hall Tap, Town Hall Lanes, and Town Hall Station would also have barrel-aged beers on tap. This means less volume of barrel-aged beers being served. Brown says, “We were more selective with the barrels that wanted to come out.” One paramount non-negotiable for the brewing team at Town Hall Brewery is that they will not put out a beer until it is ready. While the bar for these beers is always high, this year’s standard for excellence is just above perfection.

The Pairing Dinner option will also be available for the entire month. There will be a dine-in option along with a carry out for people who want to enjoy the amazing dinner in the comfort of their own home. This is also a nice way of Town Hall Brewery keeping us all safe and sound.

Double Your Barrel, Double Your Fun!

Another major change this year is the presence of the double-barrel beers. The week of Feb. 8th, there will be 3 beers that are all double-barrel beers: Double Barrel Extra Milk Stout, Double Oak Eye of the Storm, and Double Barrel Czar Jack! This is the first time that I can remember having so many beers that fall into the double-barrel category. A double-barrel beer is a beer that has been blended from 2 pristine single barrels.

See You There!

Town Hall Brewery could have easily used the pandemic as a reason to cancel this fantastic celebration of barrel-aged beer. I asked Derek Brown why it was important for Town Hall Brewery to go ahead with Barrel-Aged Month. “Barrel-Aged Week is part of our identity.” Brown noted that the entire brew team really wanted to got out of their way to get it done. They also felt it was a wonderful way to provide people with a little sense of normalcy. As I enjoyed my first barrel-aged flight last Tuesday with some friends, I was able to forget the pandemic and feel like normal for a bit.

So, get out to Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery during February and get your barrel-aged fix. Below is the release schedule for the beers.

Week 1-Feb 1st: Single Barrel Manhattan Reserve, Czar Jack, and Double Aged Triple Barrel Twisted Trace****These are all still on tap at the time that this article went live on Feb. 8th****

Week 2-Feb 8th: Double Barrel Extra Milk Stout, Double Barrel Eye of the Storm, and Double Barrel Czar Jack

Week 3-Feb 15th: Strawberry Stave, Kentucky Truffle, and Vine’s Eye

Week 4-Feb 22nd: Foolish Angel, Twisted Trace, and Rye Barrel.

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