Pint Report-Season of the Witch: A Mangonada Sour collaboration between Witch Hunt Minneapolis and Drekker Brewing Company

Double double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Oh, and hand me the mango, chili, lime, and salt! Now, I didn’t read Macbeth, but I am pretty sure that is the line. Season of the Witch is the latest Witch Hunt Minneapolis Chapter collaboration to be released this Friday. Witch Hunt paired with Drekker Brewing Company out of Fargo, North Dakota to brew this bewitching sour ale with mango, chili, lime, and salt.

This brew for brujas is definitely going to have you trading in your broomstick for a full tulip glass of this potable potion. Season of the Witch looks like it belongs as the centerpiece at your brunch table because it looks like a glass of juice. However, this fermented elixir will put a spell on you with its complex and vibrant flavors.

Season of the Witch

As you raise the glass to your nose, the bright aromas of citrus and tropical fruits get your attention. The first sip cackles on your tongue like the trio from Hocus Pocus. That film, I firmly believe, is one of Bette Midler’s most underrated performances of the silver screen. There is a salinity that balances out the sweetness of the mango and the acid from the lime. My favorite element of this beer is the subtle dryness from the chili. The chili nuance make this a quaffable beer for everyone in your coven.

Witch Hunt stands as a bastion of acceptance, education, and togetherness. Their mission, as admirable as any, is to promote gender equity in craft brewing through education. I am in awe of the fact that this non-profit has provided so many with a richness to their lives through community and beer.

Where Can You Find Cans?

Drekker Brewing joins the ever-growing list of fantastic breweries who have gathered around the cauldron to concoct beers that have done so much good. If you would like to support the Witch Hunt cause, first and foremost, get on your broomstick and find this beer. Drekker is dropping cans of it this week. If you want to enjoy Season of the Witch fresh from the tap, head down to Grumpy’s Northeast on Friday from 4-8 where there will be a release party. If you would like to donate to Witch Hunt, you can do so on their website linked above.

Just like a witch flies across the sky, silhouetted by a full moon, this beer will go quick. There are so many things that 2020 has taken away. This collaboration is a wonderful reminder that there is still a boat load of good happening in the craft beer community. A huge thanks to Witch Hunt’s coven and the crew up at Drekker Brewing for giving us all something to smile about! Prost!

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