Flights & Flagons:Quarantine Edition Day 1

Ok, so as long as we are all stuck at home, I felt I should take this time to break out some of the boardgames gathering dust on my shelves. My poor wife Sarajo Spurgeon Wentling has agreed to help me in this endeavor. The goal is at least one game a day. As a bonus, I’ll be doing beer, wine, or cocktail pairing with these games. So, enjoy the dusting off of a Beerploma article series: Flights & Flagons!

Our first game was yesterday: 7 Wonders Duel. This is a two person stripped down version of 7 Wonders that plays in under an hour. Usually. The game plays in 3 ages, with technology advancing and wonders being built. This is a fairly quick game, especially if you have played before. This makes it a perfect option for Flights & Flagons! The icons get a little confusing at times, and looking these up was what slowed us down a little bit. The game ends when 7 Wonders are built, one player gets 6 science achievements, or one player uses the War Track to pummel the enemy into submission. I frankly didn’t love the original 7 Wonders, since I felt each player was mostly playing solitaire next to the others, with ability to only interact with the players to either side of them. This one on one set-up kept both of us focused on what the other was doing and trying to foil the other’s plan while pushing for our own victory.

I paired this with Lupulin’s Sophistry IPA, and Sj had Bent Paddle’s Wilderness Tuxedo POG (Pineapple Orange Guava). Interestingly, Sj has become an Outfitter for Bent Paddle so often has some of their wonderful beer on hand. OK, our pairing wasn’t funny or appropriate…just what we had on hand in the fridge!

I won! Fittingly by maxing out my Science. Sj probably could have pummeled me more with the War track… And Lemon and Poirot look on in tepid excitement?

Stay tuned for our next installment and feel free to tell us what you are playing and what you think of these games!