Three Twenty Brewing’s Bob’s Standard Lager

Ever since my first visit to Three Twenty Brewing Company in Pine City, MN, I have enjoyed many of their selections. They recently added a new offering to their ever-growing portfolio. In this recent addition, Three Twenty Brewing Company has the perfect beer for people who enjoy a crisp and refreshing beverage after a long day’s work. Bob’s Standard Lager, named after Three Twenty Brewing’s owner’s grandfather, is a straight forward, working-person’s German-style pilsner. It is 4.3% and perfect for any occasion.

What is a German-style pilsner, you ask? Well, pilsners break into two major groups: German and Czech. German pilsners tend to be crisper and with a bigger hop bite than the Czech ones, which are softer. I love a good German-style pilsner and Bob’s Standard Lager is exactly what I look for in a well-made lager.

I Love It When Beer Tells a Story

Bob’s Standard Lager is not just a random name to stick on a beer label. This beer is named after the Standard Station that Nick’s Grandpa Bob bought in 1965. Just like someone who believed in an honest day’s work, this beer is straight forward with no gimmicks. It has a bready malt character thanks to the Pilsner and Vienna malt. You get a lightly toasted Wonder bread flavor from the malt that I find incredibly delightful. The finish is crisp, clean, and flawless.

As brewers are throwing fruit, candy bars, and insane amounts of lactose in their beers, it is nice to find something that is unapologetically simple. This beer pairs well with friendly conversations, an afternoon of cribbage with dad, or watching the Vikings snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I will say it until I am blue in the face: you need to go to Three Twenty Brewing. The people of Pine City are lucky to call this brewery their own. It has been fun to see them grow and release different beers that are brewed to style and delicious. Prost!

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