Urban Growler’s Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porter

In a season where we traditionally give thanks for all the blessings and people who make life better, it’s fitting that Urban Growler is releasing a special bottle of magnificent imperial porter. On Wednesday, November 27th in the taproom, you can enjoy the Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porter on tap and purchase bottles of this beer. The bottles are limited and I recommend that if you want one, you get there early. The bottles will be sold for $20.00. That price is an incredible value considering how wonderful this beer is.

The Beer

The imperial porter is an 8.6% sipper that I strongly recommend letting warm up to about 50 degrees or so. This will ensure that you get all the flavors of dark chocolate, molasses, dark cherries, and tobacco in the beer. Thanks to the fact that Urban Growler aged this beer in a Jack Daniels Bourbon barrel, it has a nice oaky dryness to it. Unless you somehow lost your sense of smell in a poker game, there is no mistaking that the beer spent some quality time in a bourbon barrel.

To me, this beer really hits the mark from a drinkability standpoint. I am going to go all “ok, Boomer” on y’all for a minute. I long for the days when a barrel aged beer had balance. So many of the darker beers that are released today have jumped the shark into a pool of adjuncts that are cloyingly sweet and hopelessly muddled. I want a roasty, big-bodied beer that has harmonious flavors and textures. I want to be able to sip on something for an entire evening of conversation and triple word scores. Urban Growler definitely allows for that with their Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porter.

The word is that there are roughly 100 bottles for sale of this beer. So, I think you might want to plan on getting out of work a bit early. Or better still, don’t even show up for work at all. If you plan things right, you can have your order for the Urban Growler “Burger of the Week” special into the kitchen, and a few of those sexy looking bottles in hand by the time the boss even notices the sleeping bag filled with sweatshirts slumped in your office chair. Talk about a lot to be thankful for! Prost!

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