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Tin Whiskers 5th Anniversary Party

Tin Whiskers is celebrating 5 years this Saturday, June 22nd from 12pm-11pm. The day will be filled with live music, timed special beer releases, and a lot of fun. It will be a fantastic way to celebrate progress, evolution, and robots as we all raise a glass to Tin Whiskers.

Cheers, robot!

I am unapologetic in my love for Tin Whiskers Brewing Company. I remember being there on the first Saturday that they opened their doors 5 years ago. The MN craft beer landscape has evolved tremendously since then. More specifically, Saint Paul now has identified itself as having its own vibrant craft beer scene; no longer skulking in the shadows of Northeast Minneapolis.

I remember a time when you could fire a gun in downtown Saint Paul and not hit a person. Now, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a great place to eat or a chic place to grab a drink. Tin Whiskers was the first craft brewery of the modern age (the now defunct Great Waters was from a different era) to set up shop in downtown St. Paul. Now, there are several craft breweries within a 5 minute drive of Tin Whiskers and Saint Paul is more of a beer destination.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company has evolved nicely over the years. Despite a few hiccups with consistency in the beginning that they dealt with correctly, they are now a go-to for visitors and local beer geeks alike. They continue to make the most of their brewhouse that has maxed out every square inch of its space. Their taplines have expanded since they opened from 8 to 16. The beer pouring out of those taplines has been elevated to a level of consistency and creativity that I am proud to recommend to people. The relationship that they have with the Pearson’s Candy Company has brought us perhaps one of the best local collaborative beers of all-time in the Nut Goodie Porter.

Party Like You’re Five!

Here are all the details that you need to know for the big shindig on Saturday!

The Beers

Noon-The 5th Anniversary Party at Tin Whiskers starts strong out of the gate with the release of their Lemoncello IPA and free cinnamon rolls from Key’s Cafe (while supplies last).

2pm-The Bit-O-Honey Blonde Ale releases as the 3rd beer in the collaboration series with Pearson’s Candy Company.

4:00pm- the Nut Goodie Porter is released and I cannot wait to have this again!

6pm- a refreshing Key Lime Lager hits the tap and will probably pair perfectly with the Mediterranean foods.

8pm-The finale release is a Peanut Butter Mocha Alt. This beer sounds like it will be a nice way to wrap up a fun day of drinking.

The Food

Black Market Stp will have a bbq pop-up to make sure you don’t get hangry from 12-4:30. As Black Market Stp wraps up, J+D Foods will start serving some Mediterranean eats from 4:30-9pm. As always, you can still order a fantastic pizza pie from Black Sheep or some delicious Thai Food from Sawatdee next door if that is more your jam. Point being, you don’t need to pack a sack lunch for the party, there are options.

The Music

They will also have their usual stellar beers on tap as you dabble your way through the special releases. Obviously, they have provided you with some great eating and drinking options. However, a party isn’t a party without some music. So, they also have lined up some great sounds to compliment the sips.

From 1-3pm Virtual Sunset with be playing. They will be followed up from 4-6pm by Doug Collins and the Receptionists. The final act of the day, Lakewood Cemetery, will play from 7-9pm. With all this great music, I am sure that your toes will be tapping just as much as the fresh kegs!

What About Event Swag?

From 2-6pm, Shameless Inc Minneapolis will be printing t-shirts made to order. You can choose from 4 awesome designs and they sell for $20. I just hope that they come in husky sizes so I can get one!

If that doesn’t get you excited for a party, I don’t know what will. I will be there to toast their success

I am excited to see how Tin Whiskers continues to forge a path in a craft beer landscape that has changed so much in five years. In my humble opinion, the thing that will aid them in their path is the incredible staff that make their taproom welcoming and fun. I have a special place in my heart for Jeff Moriarty, Andy Bobst, Anne Bobst, Ben Kampa, Jim Stroner, and the countless others who make Tin Whiskers awesome. Hoppy beerthday, people, you certainly deserve it!

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