Lupulin Brewing Company’s Imperial Truffle Mixed Pack

Imperial Chocolate Truffle

Lupulin Brewing Company has put out cans of their incredibly tasty Imperial Truffle Porter in variety packs and people are going crazy.  This beer is another reminder that Lupulin brews more than just superbly-hopped beers.  Lupulin’s porter game is strong, too.  In these 4 can mixed packs, you get 2 Imperial Chocolate Truffles, 1 Imperial Hazelnut Truffle, and 1 Raspberry Chocolate Truffle.  

Love At First Sip

It was Winterfest 2016 and I noticed a brewery I had not tried before amidst the scads of other local breweries at the Union Depot in St. Paul.  Every person at the booth had on a black shirt with a yellow tie.  They were representing Lupulin Brewing Company in Big Lake.  I remember thinking to myself, “There is a brewery in Big Lake?”  I chatted with a young gentleman sporting stylish glasses.  I asked him which beer I should try if I haven’t had anything that they brewed.  He poured me a bit of the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and the rest is history.  I was blown away by that beer’s flavor, texture, and complexity.  That gentleman’s name was Aaron Zierdt, the Head Brewer at Lupulin.   Aaron and I spent the next 6 months playing email tag trying to figure out a good time for me to visit the taproom.

Since that first meeting at Winterfest, I have gotten to know Aaron and the entire team at Lupulin.  It is apropos that the beer that first got me all ga-ga would have all the same flavor components of something you would give to a special someone in your life.   At the time, Lupulin released the Imperial Raspberry Truffle in a big bottle only.  Now, they have it in 12 oz. cans which I love.  While the packaging has changed, the fantastic, sexy, and delicious nature of the beer remains the same.

Imperial Chocolate Truffle

Imperial Chocolate Truffle

The Imperial Chocolate Truffle is a big beer at 9% ABV.  As a result of this, the tan head doesn’t stick around long.  What does linger in the glass is an aroma of chocolate richness that you find in a decadent brownie at the bakery.  There are also notes of toasted malt and a little twinge of vanilla.  The flavor is mostly dark chocolate with a nuttiness that reminds me of walnuts and the slight bitterness that comes with them.  There is little sweetness in this beer and the finish is dry, thanks to the bitter dark chocolate.  The body is velvety and warming thanks to the 9% ABV.  A lot of grains went into this beer and it shows.  The booze is warming and definitely not for the feint of heart.

Imperial Raspberry Truffle

What I like about the raspberry variant is that you get a little bit of sweetness and tartness from the raspberry.  This seems to mellow out the heat a little bit for me.  There are still rich and bold dark chocolate notes.  I would love to see if this will age until Valentine’s Day without losing too much of the raspberry flavor it in.  I would love to feature this in a beer and chocolate pairing.

Imperial Hazelnut Truffle

Imperial Chocolate Truffle

This one might be my favorite of the bunch.  I love hazelnuts because of the rich and nutty notes they add to an already complex beer.  There is something comforting and familiar about the roasty goodness of a hazelnut.  There is a reason why Nutella is such a staple in my pantry.  This beer did not disappoint.  I was worried that the hazelnut would not stand up to the big chocolate flavors in this beer, but they are almost the perfect pairing.

I love this collection of chocolatey marvels.  I am going to squirrel away an extra one for later on in winter.  With the higher ABV, it should be ok in the beer cellar, but I always think it makes sense to drink them within 3 months.  The Imperial Chocolate Truffle mixed pack will be a great way to celebrate winter.  Not bad for a strip mall brewery!  Prost!



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