For me Halloween is one of the most nostalgic holidays.  It is about the innocence of bringing out your inner geekness and pretending you are your favorite hero, princess, character, or whatever you imagine.  For one night it is considered “socially normal” to be that someone/something else.  It is one of my favorite holidays, and as a Father of two (soon to be three) I now get to enjoy it through the eyes of my children.

Flat Earth’s Mummy Train holds an equal amount of nostalgia in my growing up in the world of craft beer.  When I first started getting into local craft beers, Flat Earth was one of the only players in town, and I could be wrong here, they were one of the first breweries to brew a Minnesota made pumpkin beer commercially.  To this day Mummy Train still holds a special place in my beer fridge, and I go on the hunt for it every fall.  So with out further ado let’s take a ride on the Mummy Train!

Beer Breakdown:

Flat Earth Mummy Train


Mummy Train pours a very clear reddish copper.  Ample carbonation clings to the side of the glass, and a tan foamy head appears.  Pumpkin spice wafts through the air as I pour this beer out.  Putting my nose down in the glass for a sniff just amplifies that warm cinnamon-y, nutmeg-y, pumpkin-y aroma. The first sip hits you with a sharp dry bitterness, but then the spices and pumpkin flavors sort of burst onto the scene.  The beer finishes like a thick mead or cider with strong fruity notes kind of going all over the place.  The taste lingers in your mouth for quite a while after drinking.  The carbonation is ample, but not overwhelming, and the mouthfeel is in the mid ranges, but siding towards “thick and chewy”.  I would recommend that you let this beer warm up a little bit, as the flavor profile changes dramatically, and you get more of the sought after pumpkin flavors when it has been sitting out for a few minutes.


Mummy Train can be paired with a few treats.  This beer would pair well with smoked pork, or smoked white fish.  Roasted vegetables, like those recommended by The Produce Moms, or a chili would also be excellent options.  Squash anyone?  Mummy Train might be your beer for that too.  As for cheeses I would stick to a heavier robust flavor like a sharp cheddar, or a gouda.  Anything lite on flavor like mozzarella is just going to be lost in the heavy spice notes from this beer.

Final Thoughts:

I feel that Flat Earth is one of those breweries that never left the station, and Mummy Train could do so much better.  With their close neighbor Tin Whisker’s and their Schottky Pumpkin Ale and so many others to choose from these days, I just have so many better options in the world of Minnesota Pumpkin Beers.    I really want to see Flat Earth evolve this beer, and make it something amazing, but still holds onto those familiar flavors.  A little sweeter pumpkin punch from this beer would be a good thing for Mummy Train. This beer also needs it’s bitterness and the vegetable flavors toned down.  Still, this beer is a solid “Good” in my book, and still hits all the nostalgia notes for me. Next year I will be looking forward to try this nostalgia blast again, and hopefully it will pick up some steam.

That’s all for this pint.  Keep those glasses full, and we will see you next time!  Prost!

Flat Earth Mummy Train

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