Last time I shared a beer with you that I picked up on my Summer Road Trip.  Today we will continue  our trip down the Mighty Mississippi with a beer from Mississippi state’s oldest brewery.  We are going to review Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan. I will caveat today discussion by saying I LOVE all things pecan.  One of my favorite things about this road trip was getting to have all the fresh pecans I could hope for.  So as long as the beer behind it is solid, this will be a hard beer for me NOT to love.

Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan

Beer Breakdown:

  • Style:  Brown Ale
  • ABV 4.39%, IBU 19
  • Hops: Domestic Nugget and Willamette
  • Malts:  Maris Otter, Caramel Malt, Wheat, Roasted Pecans
  • Southern Pecan is available in 12oz bottles year round in southern states.   Click here for more information on where to buy this beer.
  • Awards:  2006 World Beer Cup (Specialty Category)


Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan poured out of the bottle with a brownish red color that glowed when held up to the light but was a muddy brown without it.  The head was ample, lite tan, and quickly dissipated.  The beer showed ample carbonation.  The aroma was mostly clean, but upon deeper inspection I spied a floral sweetness with a lingering nuttiness.  The first taste that hit my palette was a nuttiness followed by a sweet caramel flavor, and then a floral bitterness.  The beer finished with a dry bitterness.  It reminded me of the dry bitterness one might experience after eating a handful of nuts.  The mouthfeel was in the middle range, and it had a sharp dry carbonation as I drew the beer across the pallet.


Well, let’s start with the obvious, anything nutty.  If you are looking to have a glass a beer on your front porch while you pound a bag of pistachios, well, Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan is your beer.  I feel this beer would also pair well with salmon, as well as a lightly seasoned steak, with mushrooms for a bonus.  If you are looking for a good cheese either pick a real earthy cheese like those from the Swiss family, or for a contrast pairing, try a super sharp cheddar to really bring out the nuttiness of the pecans.

Final Thoughts:

Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan is a must have try if you ever find yourself visiting Mississippi.  Pecans are part of their culture, and are found everywhere in their local cuisine, so it was natural to put this into a beer.  Now, for us in the Northern climes, our exposure is pecans is often sweeter.  Think of a good pecan pie, or candied nuts from the fair.  Well if you are looking for that overly sweet taste, this beer might not be for you.  As a brown ale, it has plenty of sweetness, but not that sweet.  This is more reminiscent of eating and a handful of fresh nuts, and that is a good thing!  just set your expectations right before you commit to a six pack.  For those looking for a great fall flavored, sweeter beer to sip on around the bonfire, then this is your beer!  I am also going to stamp this with Beeploma’s Seal of Approval!

Image result for seal of approval


That’s all for this pint.  Keep those glasses full, and we will see you next time!  Prost!

Southern Pecan Thumbs Up

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