Summit BrewingIn this country right now there is a lot of disenfranchisement.  People are feeling like their voices don’t matter.  Well, all you need to do is look to Summit Brewing Company to see that someone is always listening.  Dark Infusion came out as a fall release in 2016 as an iteration of their gone but not forgotten Unchained Series.  It fast became a favorite of malty and dark beer fans alike.  Beer geeks frothed and raved about Dark Infusion.  I also became swept up in the hype and still might have one or two in my beer cellar.  At the time, I thought that there is no way that this beer is going to be gone forever.

Dark Infusion is Back, Baby!

I guess I was right.  Just like a really good politician who listens to their constituency, Summit has brought Dark Infusion back.  This is a good thing.  The last time they brought a one-off beer back, it was Keller Pils and that just won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival.  Could Dark Infusion follow a similar path?  Perhaps.  However, one thing that I would double down on is the fact that this is going to really make people happy.  Beyond the Great Northern Porter, Summit does not put a whole lot of stouts into packaging.  I always order a pint of Oatmeal Stout on Nitro, but they don’t package that.  Finally, there is a stout from Summit that I Summit BrewingSummit Brewingcan have in my fridge for those times I don’t want to get out of my skivvies, but still want a local consistent beer to drink.

The Dark Infusion is a coffee milk stout made with coffee from Saint Paul’s Blackeye Roasting Company.  Prepare your self for decadent flavors of caramel, graham cracker, and dark chocolate.  What I love about this beer is that the coffee does not have an astringent bitterness in the beer.  It is there more to accent than to overtake.  The only sad part about this beer is that it will only be available for a limited time.  Although, as we have seen with some of our elected officials, maybe a shorter term is better.  This beer is available in 12 oz. cans and on draft wherever Summit is proudly poured.   Prost!