This summer my significant other and I decided to test the limits of our relationship by spending ten days in a car together  The end goal of our trip was to follow the Mighty Mississippi to it’s end.  But I was on a secret mission.  Okay, it was probably not all that secret.  But I wanted to try at least one beer from every state we drove through.  Today we are going to be looking at one of the first beers that made it into our large stash of beers returning home with us:  4 Hands Brewing’s Single Speed Ale infused with Jasmine.


4 Hands Single Speed

Beer Breakdown:


Single Speed pours fast and thin with a quick dissipating head.  This beer has a hazy pale yellow color, which kind of surprised me as it poured out of the can.   The head did not last long, and by the time I got done taking the pictures for this article, it was pretty much non-existent.  Single Speed’s aroma was piney with a strong burst of jasmine.  The first taste of this beer was kind of a shock.  When I see Golden/Blonde Ale, I think of a catch all category which are just basically more malt forward pale ales; sticky and sweet.  This beer challenges those concepts.  Single Speed is very crisp, dry, with a light mouth feel.  It is hop forward, and finishes on the palate with a dry jasmine finish.  As I got deeper into this beer I thought I detected some juicy pear/apple fruity notes.  This beer tasted like it had more in common with a pilsner then it did to any other golden ale I have ever had.


My pairing picks for this would be to couple it with any white fish, and if you can handle any heat to your food, then crank it up to the max, as Single Speed can take it.  This beer is a good palate cleanser.  If you are looking to contrast this beer, try a grilled steak with salt/pepper seasoning, or again, a spicy seasoning.  A good cheese to pair with this beer if the sharpest cheddar you can buy on the market.  Chicken is also a viable option for pairing, in fact my first instinct was to pair this with Jambalaya.

Will Drinking 4 Hand's Single Speed

Final Thoughts:

Overall this was yet another fun beer to drink, and perfectly made for a hot summer porch sipper.  For fans of more traditional golden ales, you will probably be taken back by this hop forward, dry pilsner profile. But for hoppy lager fans, this might be your golden ticket into ale world.  Standing outside the profile issue, I really enjoyed this beer, and it is worth the try if you are ever in the Missouri area.  Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a limited time bomb of a beer, but its good enough for mowing the lawn, or jawing with your neighbors on a Saturday afternoon. Honestly, I think that was the point of this beer all along.  So this one is going to get the Beerploma Seal of Approval!

Image result for seal of approval

Have you tried this beer?  If so, what are your thoughts?  What are your favorite blonde/golden ales?  Leave us a comment below, or in the social media comment sections and let us know!

That’s all for this pint.  Keep those glasses full, and we will see you next time!  Prost!

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