Bad Weather’s taproom is a place that I gravitate towards because it is conveniently located about 10 minutes from home.  Since they opened, I have been kicking myself like a bronco with restless leg syndrome for not buying into the Pint Club membership.  The first year in the new taproom space has flown by and they are already starting on an expansion.

A Year in the Taproom20161029_163352

To celebrate a successful year in their new taproom location on West 7th St. in Saint Paul, Bad Weather Brewing Co. released several new beers along with some established fan favorites.  What I have come to expect from Bad Weather are craft beers that dazzle the palate and intrigue the mind.  The taproom has allowed to experiment a bit with different styles and flavors while still brewing a lot of their mainstays.


One of the beers released last Saturday at their celebration was a Russian Imperial Stout called Calamity.  I thought it apropos that the weather was rainy and downright dreary.  T20161029_163434he chill and precipitation only made me crave the dark, roasty, and boozy Calamity more.  At 10.7% ABV, this beer is not for the feint of heart.  The roastiness of this beer is supremely present in this beer’s aroma.  To balance out the booziness, there is a lot of nice bitterness to make it a great sipper.  The flavors or dark chocolate, black licorice, raisin, and molasses go along with a fantastic mouthfeel that is velvety and chewy.  Do yourself a favor and let this bad boy warm up a little, the flavors will only magnify.

While this beer is a special release, it should be available for about a month.  So, get down to Bad Weather and try a glass of this wonderful beer for a cold evening.  This is the perfect precursor to the winds of winter that will surely blow sooner than we think.  Prost!

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