Father’s Day is 6/19/2016 and just around the corner.  Now if you are a proud Papa like me, you need nothing more then a cheerful smile from your kids to make your Father’s Day the BEST one ever.  But it always helps to get a little present for all the days we have ruined just by picking the wrong color cup for your toddler.  You know what I’m talking about if you are a father.  We arranged a handy guide that you can easily forward to your spouse or kid as a gentle reminder of you love of beer!

Before we get into the guide we are going to be giving away some free stuff, including a copy of the Brewin’ USA Board Game!  All you have to do is leave us a comment below of the BEST Beer gift you ever received (for any occasion).

The Gift for Any Beer Enthusiast:  A Gift Basket from Beergifts.com (Various).  This gift is great for any beer enthusiast you might have in your household.  They can be a beginner, a homebrewer, the collector, you name it.  Beergifts.com has a little bit of something for everyone.  They sent me the below beer basket with some tasty treats, and of course some tasty beer.




A Gift for the Beer Enthusiast Who Likes Taprooms:  Northern Ale Beer Guide ($25).  The premise of Norther Ale guide is simple.  It is a passport style book that you take with you to 35 taprooms throughout the state of Minnesota.  you get a stamp in your passport, and a BOGO pint of beer.  Collect all the stamps and you can send the back page in for a shirt.  Dan did a nifty write up here.  Also if you use the promo code “BEERPLOMA” to get free shipping!



A Gift for the Gaming Beer Nerd:  Brewin’ USA ($49.99).  This board game is designed for an by craft beer drinkers.  It includes a lot of the breweries you know and love.  The object of the game is to take control of a brewery, and start a line of craft beer.  It takes about sixty minutes to play.  Check out our article here with Adam Rehberg.

A Gift for the Craft Beer Enthusiast with a Man Cave:  A Beer Cap Map ($39.00).  Available in most states these are the perfect piece of art for the Craft Beer Drinker!  Just take your bottle caps, insert them into the map, and hang them up.  Each one becomes customized to your favorite craft beers!

A Gift for the Craft Beer Collector:  The Brewbicle.  This is one of my favorite beer gadgets.  I have a finished walk-out basement, so I don’t have the dark and cool basement other do.  As such, collaring beer is a little more of a challenge.  Not so with the Brewbicle.  The stack nicely, and the modular inserts adjust to your favorite bottle type, even a growler!  Check out our video below of us hanging with the Brewbicle guys!

A Gift for the Craft Beer Drinker Who Like A Good Cigar:  The Mantello 8ct. Leather Cigar Carrier.  I was really tempted to put in the humidor, but the clear winner was the cigar carrier.  I use mine for when I travel to the cabin, or to Germany.  This brings my cigars wherever I go, and keeps them safe, and from drying out.  The cedar lining is an added bonus!  Check out our article here for more information.

If you don’t see something you like here, well head on over to Amazon.com through the link below.  If you purchase anything through the below link you will actually be helping to make my Father’s Day a great one!  It won’t cost you any extra, you don’t have to buy anything specific, and we can’t see who buys what. But we get a small commission that help keep our site going.  Thank you!  PROST!