IMG_20160318_091343IMG_20160318_091335This Friday from 5-9pm at the Community Keg House, MN craft beer drinkers will be able to purchase their Northern Ale Guidea fun way to drink your way in and around the great state of MN.  The passport-style booklet allows you to keep track of different beers that you drink at various taprooms and breweries.  Every time you go to a new brewery, you get a new stamp.  The first stamp at each brewery qualifies you for a buy-one-get-one-free.  

The Northern Ale guide is broken down by regions of places to drink.  The three different areas are the Twin Cities, The Burbs, and Greater Minnesota,  There is also a nice guide to some intro to beer terms and style guidelines that is helpful.  This is not just a good idea for someone who is a craft beer geek, but also a craft beer novice.  If you are like me and like to take a small day trip to an area to try new taprooms, this is a must-have!  If you go to every place in the Northern Ale Guide, you get $150 worth of free beer.  The cost of the Northern Ale Guide is $25, so it is practically a no-brainer.  If you cannot make it to the kick-off party at the Community Keg House, you can order the Northern Ale Guide off of their website linked above.  If yo u use the promo-code “BEERPLOMA” at checkout, you will receive free shipping.

So, pick up your Northern Ale Guide either online or at the Community Keg House on Friday and I will see you out on the beer trail!