The concept of Finnegans is one of perfection.  Drink locally made beer, and you are helping get nutritious healthy food to those in need in our own community.  Talk about a win/win.  Finnegans is Minnesota’s only non-profit brewery.  Ninety-eight percent of the money they raise goes directly to the people they benefit, and the only one on their staff that draws from the payroll is their accountant (which they need to have to be legally viable.  For a long time your two options from Finnegans was their Blonde and Amber.  But then a couple of years ago they brought out Dead Irish Poet, a true to form Extra Stout brewed to Irish tastes.

Dead Irish Poet

Dead Irish Poet pours thick in its inky blackness.  It has a thick brown head that dissolve a little quicker then I would have liked.  The aroma is spot on with a woody, chocolaty aroma that fills the air before I can raise the glass to my nose.  It only gets better with the taste.  While it pours thick, it has a more medium mouth feel, decent levels of carbonation, and soft dark chocolaty tones with an almost cedar/pine after taste that lingers just a little bit.  It has a notable hoppiness that blends well with the dark malts used to brew this beer.  It finishes dry as well.

This is a perfect beer for the Guinness drinkers in your life, and it fills that slot nicely where few other Minnesota brewers do.  At 7%, Dead Irish Poet, weighs in with the best of them.  Best served pub style, in a pint glass, this stout offers many opportunities for great pairing.  Pair it with savory slow cooked meats, chocolate cake, or soft pungent cheeses (like blue cheese).

This beer is pretty widely available in Minnesota, and it should be easy to get your hands on.  But get it now as it is a limited release.   That’s it for this pint report, so grab yourself a Dead Irish Poet, and drink for a good cause.  PROST!