Perhaps a couple of you knew me from before my time at Beerploma, when I was an aspiring video game reviewer and journalist. In the 6-7 years I spent writing about games, ranging from AAA titles on the console, to mobile indie titles so obscure, I don’t even remember the titles, I came across a lot of unique stuff. But nothing quite as unique as the game Fiz: The Brewery Management Game. I actually reviewed for the last site I worked for, but wanted to revisit this title again, to expose it to my new beer drinking audience. You can read that review here.

Fiz, as the subtitle of the name suggests, is a brewery simulation game. While this may conjure images of some big complex game, it is actually a pretty simplistic and entertaining experience which works perfectly with mobile devices.  This seemingly simple concept, managing a brewery, actually is chock full of challenges and lots of different twists and turns.

While you probably won’t become the next Surly or Boom Island Brewery, there is a lot of elements used in this game that any beer nerd, especially those versed in the art of crafting beer, will be able to appreciate.  Ingredients used in the making of the various brews are mostly real world ingredients; there are some fictional elements added in, but mostly for stat boosting or to improve the batch of beer.  The beer styles featured in this game will be familiar to all beer geeks, and does feature a great selection of styles. From Dunkles to IPAs, Irish Red Ales to Barleywines, Fiz offers so many choices to brew.

Another interesting thing this game does is put a focus on not only what you brew, but where you sell your tasty products.  Some bars cater to more German styles for example, while others are pretty sold on IPAs.  Some places even prefer your adjunct lagers to anything else.  Adding this in, gives this game a challenge, rather than just having players brew beers all willy nilly.

If you’re looking for a mobile game that won’t nickle and dime you every 10 seconds (Candy Crush anyone?) and still keeps you entertained and wanting to come back for more, consider grabbing Fiz today.  This was one of my favorite mobile games I’ve ever played, and I’ve even gotten a couple of the other staff here at Beerploma hooked on it well.

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