A week ago on Friday, September 26, Insight Brewing Company had an open house to show off the brewery space and their beers.  Judging by the huge turnout and immense flavor and variety of what they were pouring, the night was hugely successful.  The event ran from 5-9 and when I got there at 5:25, the place was already packed.  The volunteers were running around feverishly to keep up with the lines for samples of their beer.

There was also a lot of activity at the booth where they were taking memberships for their Passport Club, a program where you get up to 4X credit in their taproom along with perks such as one-off bottle reservations and t-shirts.  The information for the Passport Club is on the brewery’s website.  Personally, I think that the Passport Club is a tremendous deal and am planning on enrolling.  There were a lot of happy drinkers there and as I was talking to people about the beer, I did not hear any complaints, but rather a lot of enthusiastic comments about how good the beer was, both in taste and style.

The aesthetics of the place are very pleasing.  As you come in the front doors, you ascend the stairs into the taproom.  The high ceilings and ample tables are inviting and a place where I definitely would feel comfortable hanging out.  The wall separating the taproom from the brewery does not restrict one’s view from the brewing kettles and equipment.

I got a chance to talk with Eric Schmidt, one of the co-owners of the brewery about the event and he came across as incredibly passionate about beer.  We chatted about the beers they had on tap and when they would be opening.  Despite being incredibly busy, he valued the opportunity to talk with me about what I thought about the beer and I think that shows a lot about where Insight’s values are.  They place a lot of importance on making patrons feel valued and comfortable.
So, look for them to be opening in about a month and give their beers a try.  The space is located in a prime location and is easily accessible via bus (61 route has a stop right in front of their brewery) and is not away from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis.