It’s finally here! Bent Brewstillery opened their new taproom Thursday, and the place is fabulous! I have been able to see the transformation from the beginning and was excited to see the finished product. So, Vicky and I went out on opening day for a couple beers to check out the new digs. Here are some of the things that make this taproom awesome.
(Cheers from Beerploma at Bent!)
First off, the taps. Bent hasn’t gone with taps on the wall or side of a cooler or even on the bar. At Bent the taps come from heaven… That’s right, they are suspended from the ceiling! How cool is that?!?! Inventive and unique, just like Bent’s beer!
(Curved bar and floating taps!) 
Another unique thing is the curved (or is it Bent…. he-he!) bar. This thing is pretty huge! It was made by owner Bartley’s son-in-law, and he did a damn fine job. The bar has plenty of places to sit as well as plenty of places to squeeze in to buy a beer quick without having to throw elbows.
The views of the actually brewery and distillery are pretty cool. From most seats in the house you can see the shiny tanks of the brewery. From the front of the bar you can see the big still right behind the beertenders. This really gives you an “awesome, I am in the middle of a brewery!” feel, which other than top notch fresh beer is kind of the draw to taprooms.
(Taps and the still in the background)
The bathrooms are beautiful! I might be biased a bit because my buddy Mark tiled them, but they are really nice with awesome fixtures. Maybe a seemingly small thing, but decent bathrooms are a pretty nice attribute to a taproom.
(Nice tile job, D-Boy!)
Seats are plentiful. That is a big deal to me. I have been to a lot of taprooms/tasting rooms where there are a few seats and then it’s pretty much standing room only (yep, looking at you Flat Earth! Great room, but get some chairs.). Bent has tons of tables of all different sizes, plenty of bar stools like the ones on barstools nz, and a really nice patio for the nice days. You can sit back, relax with friends, and have a cold one in comfort!
(Seating and a bit of the patio outside)
The best part of the taproom is the beers! They have a lot of taps, around 7 or 8 I think I remember counting, plus a cold pressed coffee on nitro! We had Acclivity (you can read about it here), a fruity summery version of Nordic Blonde called Lakeside Blonde, and an Australian Sparkling Ale called Rage On Wombat. All were great! I’ve come to realize that Bent Brewstillery just doesn’t make beers I don’t like.
(A few taps and the still)
Being unique is what, to me at least, sets Bent Brewstillery apart in their beers, and they definitely followed suit with the taproom. The place is customer focused with plenty of space, plenty of parking, plenty of seating, and plenty of top notch beer! Head over to Roseville and GET BENT!
(Soooooo good!)
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