Recently I had the opportunity to head to Milwaukee to perform a show with my band, Marked 4 Deletion. Milwaukee is one of my absolute favorite cities. The water, the architecture, the festivals, and of course the BEERS!

(The taps!)
This time I decided to hit up The Milwaukee Ale House with my drummer and our beautiful wives for lunch. I had read the menu online a bit earlier, and honestly I will have to admit that what sold me was how great the food sounded!
(Brewery at MKE Ale House)

To set the stage, let me tell you about the place itself. Milwaukee Ale House is a restaurant/taproom/brewpub in Downtown Milwaukee along the river. Inside the Ale House there are tons of taps, lots of wood, and tons of space. There is even a nice sized stage for entertainment. This is a really nice clean place perfectly decorated that tiptoes the lines between taproom, restaurant, and night club.

(MKE Stage)

We sat outside on their beautiful second story deck overlooking the Milwaukee River. I have had a lot of beers at a lot of places in Milwaukee, but this patio has to be one of the best spots to enjoy a cold one and a bite to eat. You can even go straight from the patio down to the river walk and work off your extra calories after dinner. Heck, they even have a few boat slips if you are on the river and want to stop in for a beer or some food.
For my first beer I tried a Sonne Weisse, while Vicky had the Columbian Siason. The Sonne Wiesse is a hazy berliner style weisse beer that had a nice tartness to it from the lactobacillus that was balanced by a sweetness that was achieved by the use of strawberries during this beer’s cellaring, which interestingly came across only as sweetness, not actual strawberry taste. I will say, this beer had significantly less bubbly carbonation than I am used to a berliner weisse having. This was a great tasting, refreshing, easy drinking beer. As is I would drink it again for sure, with a touch more sparkling carbonation I would drink it by the bucket!

(Columian Saison on the left, Sonne Weisse on the right)

Next, the food came. I ordered the Duck Sliders. Hot damn these were good! BBQ duck confit using Louie’s Demise BBQ sauce on local mini pretzel buns with apple slaw and goat cheese. First off, I am a sucker for anything on a pretzel bun. I’ve never even seen mini pretzel buns. They were dynamite! Kudos, Milwaukee Pretzel Co. The duck was perfect, the apple slaw worked with the BBQ sauce awesomely, and goat cheese was the absolute correct cheese pick for these mini pieces of heaven!

(Duck Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries)
I washed down my sliders with a Pull Chain. Pull Chain is a citrusy, hoppy IPA. It wasn’t a bitey hoppy, but instead had a nice smoothness to it. Carbonated perfectly. This was a really good IPA and my favorite beer of the visit…. Not just the visit to Milwaukee Ale House, but my favorite from the whole trip to Milwaukee!

(Increased Wheat on the left, Pull Chain on the right)
Vicky opted to stay on the healthy side of things and had a hummus wrap, which she said was really good. Hummus just ain’t my thing, but she loved it! She had the increased wheat with it, which is a berliner weisse with gooseberries. I didn’t try this one, but it sounds great. Wheaty, tart, sweet… What’s not to like?

(Hummus Wrap)
Great view, great place, great food, and great tasting beer all in an awesome city! Milwaukee Ale House; come for the food, stay for the beer… wait… come for the beer, stay for the food… wait… ummm…  Either way just go there and you will love it!