There is a time when you first hold on to a bottle of beer that you realize you had something special in your hands.  That happened to me when I saw my Father-in-law crack open a gift containing a bottle of Indeed’s L.S.D Honey Ale.  The wax dipped neck and the extravagant art work teased the greatness that was held within.  Unfortunately this bottle was out of my control.  For all I knew it was flying back to Germany today to be drank overseas, far from discerning tastes…

Luckily he must have saw the hint of jealousy in my eyes as I translated the description to him, in German, because he decided it was best to enjoy it with someone who would rejoice in such a beer!

 L.S.D. Honey Ale 

With a little difficulty we finally chipped through the wax and flipped off the cap.  The earthy/raisiny aroma of dates hit us before we could even get our nose into the bottle.  A floral bouquet added a layer to the atmosphere as we poured it into our glasses.  It formed a thick tan head as it continued to waft flavors to our noses.  On closer inspection I was also picking up a slight fresh pine smell too, hiding behind the other aromas.  The first thing I noticed about the taste was a doughy-bready-smooth taste followed a heavy sweet, yet earthy, taste of dates backed with honey.  As the beer warmed up, the flavors came out even more.  The sweetness mellowed a bit, and more earth like flavors came out.  The beer became more mellow if that was even possible.  It had a slight bitterness in the after taste, but it didn’t linger long.  This beer had a medium to heavy mouthfeel, and ample, if not subdued, levels of carbonation.

Overall this beer is a great beer to sit on your deck and sip. When I think of this beer it reminds me of the beer recipes I have seen coming from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.   If you are looking for something really different, unique, and well crafted you need to look no further.  While the German Pilsner drinkers might not find this crisp or cold enough, it certainly warmed up to me.  This was easily one of the best beers I have drank this year!  Rating:  Excellent!

Oh and Andy!  Thank you for this “Golden Opportunity” to write about this beer!