So Andy and I headed out to Pizza Luce last week for a little strategy meeting about the blog.  Pizza Luce is so far the best place in Richfield, MN that I have found for craft beer. Pizza Luce has been featured recently on for their uniquely styled oven. They have a cozy little patio, and the staff was in good spirits and quick on their feet.

Andy and I had a pretty good night working on Beerploma’s future so we were both in the mood for celebrating.  I wasn’t quite up for pizza, but their wings looked pretty good:

I ordered the spicy buffalo and the spicy peking.  Both sets of wings came out whole, with great charring on both sides.  The peanut dipping sauce was a bonus.  Creamy, flavorful and paired well.  Also both wings were ample spicy.  For those of you who want to “crank it up notch” every time you order something hot, and get something Minnesota hot (you know, like Ketchup), then these wings are for you!  After so many mediocre wings, these were a spicy treat to behold and cherish, and no, I did not share them with Andy.

There beer list was extensive and had a little something for everyone.  If I had one recommendation I would have a couple more local porters/stouts on hand, especially to pair with some of their more earthy pizza, but overall really a good selection.

First on my list of beers to try is Enki’s Hootenanny Hefe Weiss (Seasonal):

This hazy golden brew serves up a thick banana/clove armoma.  It had a very smooth taste with slight spicy notes, and a great biscuit/malty flavor.  Very well carbonated.  Thicker mouthfeel then what I am used to for Hefe beers, but this seems to fit and didn’t detract from the beer at all.  It was perfect for a summer day and paired best with the Peking wings.  Rating:  ** (Very Good)

Well Andy and I rarely get together and have just one.  A second one was definitely in the works.  For me it was Lift Bridge’s Shadow Effect on Nitro:

This pitch black beer allowed no light to escape it.  The aroma gave off an inky chocolaty smell, and was served with a creamy head.  Smooth caramel like flavors with back hints of chocolate, and a fruity sweetness.  It had a silky medium mouthfeel.  A dry finish with a light coffee like bitterness.  This a very well put together beer, and a great choice for porter/stout beers who are looking for something different.  Rating:  ** (Very Good).

Great wings, great beer!  Who can ask for anything better then that!