I am a sucker for sour beers. The acidity, the tartness, the sour… I know they aren’t for everyone, but they sure are for me! So, a group of friends and I headed to Ward 6 for the release of Bent Brewstillery’s new sour beer, Acclivity.

Sours may not show you exactly what beer SHOULD be, but they do show you what beer CAN be. Because of this it made perfect sense for Bent Brewstillery to make a sour. The folks at Bent don’t seem to feel the need to stick to what the “rulebook” says beer should be. Instead they tend to do their own thing to create really good approachable original beers. They did their own thing again with Acclivity, and the results are awesome!

Acclivity is a Rosé Berliner Weisse. It has a pinkish hue to it, which can probably be attributed to the use of beets in this beer. It has a great sour citrus fruit taste along with a great acidity from the Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus used. This beer is very effervescent. It’s not a normal beer type of carbonation, rather much more bubbly. This, along with the use of Gewurztraminer must, gives Acclivity a great almost champagney taste and feel. Absent was the overly funkiness of some sours, which for this beer just increased the drinkability.

We tried Acclivity on its own and with Ward 6’s house made rhubarb and triple berry syrups. It was a nice touch by Ward 6 to make some fruit syrups to allow customers the choice to drink Acclivity in a fairly traditional Berliner Weisse manner. All were very tasty, but in my opinion straight up on its own was the best way to drink this beer.

In short, Acclivity is great! It is very refreshing, crisp, drinkable, and approachable. If you haven’t had a sour yet, start here. If you love sours you should give this one a try. And if you don’t like sours because the ones you tried were all funky, give sours one last try with the REAL champagne of beers, Acclivity!