Welcome to Beerploma! 

It’s been a little over year since we started out Blog here, so it might seems strange that we are posting a Welcome post this late in the game, but I will get to that in a second.  After one year of working on the Blog Beerploma has expanded into a growing Social Media empire.  Well today the Growler Magazine gave us with the honors of being nominated for the Best Beer Blogs award in their annual Its Kind Of A Big Deal.  So if you like our Blog feel free to head on over to their site and vote for us (it’s poll #19).

And with that we are anticipating a lot of traffic coming into the Blog, so we thought we would take some time out and say WELCOME TO BEERPLOMA!

First off the blog is currently being run by myself, Will, and my cohort Andy.  Click here for more details.  Andy writes the Adventures of a Beginning Homebrewer, and I cover Beer Styles Learning Guides, and Rise of the Beer Baron.  Both of us cover Brew Reviews, and Brewery Tour exclusives.

But Beerploma goes beyond that.  Our organization is all about the education of craft beer, drinking locally, and supporting craft brewers.  In order to do this we have started putting together a great social media campaign.  We offer some great Videos regarding beer.  You can find us on several podcast directories including iTunes, and YouTube.  We offer two great show.  Our first is “2 Growlers” hosted by Lynn and myself.  It’s about two guys, in a garage, growling about great local beers from Minnesota and beyond.  Check out one of our episodes:

We also have our “Brewery Tour” series podcast where we get an inside peek and the finest breweries of the Midwest:

And last but not least we have a great interactive network on Facebook and Twitter.  Feel free to drop us a line there and lest us know about your favorite beers.

So if you are new to our blog, or have been visiting us over the last year, I hope we let you in on our organization, and found some new ways for you to interact with us.

Until next time!  PROST!  And don’t forget to vote in this year’s Its Kind Of A Big Deal awards!