I normally leave the beer reviews to Andy and Des, but this week at Midweek Beer Geek we got not one but two tastes of one of Minnesota’s newest breweries:  Big Wood Brewery out of White Bear Lake, MN.
Their first offering was their Imperial IPA Bad Axe.  But they had a surprise for us, a taste of their new and upcoming beer Jack Pine Savage, and American Pale Ale.
The Jack Pine Savage is your typical American Pale Ale.  Nice fruity/citrus aroma.  Very crisp clean golden color with a little bit of haze (though that might have been the cold temperature the beer was served at).  This was you typical American Pale Ale with an earthy bitterness.  It had a light mouth feel, and a dry bitter after taste that lingered a little too long.  Pretty decent for an American Pale Ale, and will be a great addition to a summer line up.  Rating:  *1/2 Stars (out of *** or a “Good” rating).
The Bad Axe had a deeper, reddish gold color, hazy.  It had a great fruity aroma to it and formed a nice creamy head.  It was very sweet, and well carbonated for an Imperial.  Medium mouth feel, and a pleasant after taste.  It was also NOT bogged down by a heavy alcohol flavor.  Overall this is one of the best Imperial IPAs that I have ever had.  Rating:  *** Stars (out of *** or an “Excellent” rating).
Overall I enjoyed these two offerings and am looking forward to the future of this wonderful Minnesota craft brewery!
Jack Pine Savage (Left), Bad Axe (Right)