For those of you familiar with the Boy Scout of America, I am an Eagle Scout.  Scouting was my “after school” activity.  But I wasn’t just any old Scout, I was a super-Scout.  Very active n the Order of the Arrow (at one point holding one of the highest youth positions in the Twin Cities area called Lodge Chief).  I was highly decorated, and loved the travels and adventures it brought.  Now some of you might be asking about what this has to do with beer.  Well I took my duties pretty seriously, and while many people might expect to hear some wild tales of underage binges, those who know me know that I am still a “Boy Scout” at heart (as far as being a goody-goody, there are plenty of current BSA policies that I completely disagree with).  Yes, my first sip of “non-parently supervised” alcohol happened shortly after my 21st birthday and a friends Halloween party.  It was some sort of fruity punch thing.  I followed it up with a beer, nothing special, in fact it was pretty awful.  I don’t exactly recall which national brand light beer it was, but I wasn’t impressed.  So I started out my drinking days with “fruity crushed ice” type drinks.

My next taste of beer came on a hot/muggy summer day.  I was meeting some family at the local BW3 (a place known for their chicken wings and mediocre beer selection).  I wanted something a little different so I went with a Labatt’s Blue, and for about a month that became “my beer”.  Compared to the other national brands I had beforehand this was hand over fist better then what I had sampled, but it was still no something I wanted regularly.

Then one of my good high school friends had a Birthday, and was given a gift from out of state…..

To Be Continued….