I should start by welcoming you all to the new home of Dez’s Brewz Reviewz. A novice beer drinkers thoughts, observations and musings while tasting what’s what in the world of beer…with an emphasis on Minnesota, Midwest craft beers.

Word seems to have spread quickly on the release of this remake. A quick check on google and twitter brings up not only hundreds of reviews but it seems like anyone who’s anyone in the “craft beer” world has got their hands on a bottle of this if not only to take part in the seeming “nod” to New Albion founder Jack McAuliffe. History alone is enough to try this beer out. The story of someone who literally pieced together a brewery and made a go of it, unsuccessfully, but left such a lasting impression on the industry that 30 years later, Sam Adams reproduces your recipe. I’d say they did something right back then, and again with this one. Their New Albion is quite good. It pours clear, yellow-golden, light white head. A slight hoppy smell, just enough to taste, but never over powers your taste buds. I’m not a regular fan of pale ales. I’m not on the Hoppy train most of the craft beer world seems to love right now. But this beer I could drink. At a time of the beer year when I’m sick of winter, growing tired of dark, smokey, coffee infused everything, the timing of this was perfect. I read how Sam Adams was getting some negative feedback on the earlier release of their spring seasonal mixed sampler packs. To me, its perfect. I want to think about the winter turning to spring and the days getting longer and sipping beers like this, humming “oh its such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you” and watching the sun go down. Its hard to rate this one, only because Pale Ale’s aren’t my favorite, but this is quite good. Dare I say a beer history lesson in a bottle?  ** 1/2 GREAT