Last week August Schell’s Brewing Company was kind enough to share with us their upcoming new beer:

Now I know for a fact that some of my readers are already “Wow, that’s a dark beer, I’m not really interested”.  But hold on, this one is different, and maybe you should think about giving this one a try!  For starters most dark beers you have probably had before are Ales, meaning it was brewed with top fermenting yeast and brewed at warmer temps.  This here is a Lager brewed at colder temps with a bottom fermenting yeast.  
Still not interested, wait there is more…
As a lager it will carry a nice robust taste, but won’t leave you with that heavy feeling you would get from a stout. And according to The Oxford Companion To Beer dark lagers can sometime lean towards a coffee or chocolate flavor more often than not they have a clean matiness to them with hints of caramel or toffee (Oliver, 2012).  Also the hops are going to be more moderate and forward in this beer then with others.  This will make this beer more familiar to those who like beers like Newcastle.  A lot of stouts and porters like to push past the 6% ABV barrier.  Not so with Dark Lagers which tend to be down around the 5% ABV, the Chimney Sweep above carries a 5.2% ABV.  This make Dark Lagers less heavy to consume and you can enjoy a couple without feeling the effects as much (but still, make sure you are drinking responsibly and not driving!)  These things combined make a beer, like Chimney Sweep, more in line with a pilsner then with a stout.  So if you are one of those out there seeking to increase their beer horizon and start adding darker beer, then this is my recommendation of a place to start!
Can’t find Chimney Sweep in your area? Then try one of these other great Dark Lagers:


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