Happy Monday!  The weather has finally started colling down here after a VERY warm summer here in Minnesota.  So what better way to celebrate then head out doors for a little pontooning, sitting on the deck, and of course drinking some GREAT beers.
Lake Superior (Duluth, MN) Kayak Kolsch:  Very few breweries make Kolsch style beers, and even fewer do them right.  Lake Superior is one of the group that does them right.  This light straw colored beer has the perfect carbonation, slight fruity, but crisp flavor it is a perfect summer brew.  Rating:  **** (Favorite)
Flat Earth (St. Paul, MN) Angry Planet Pale Ale:  Dark red with a thick foamy head.  Great citrus aroma.  Has a medium mouth fell and a great bitter hoppy taste.  Very clean and tasty beer.  Rating: ** (Very Good)
Lucid (Minnetonka, MN) Camo Double IPA:  Aroma of green apples with a hint of caramel.Deep golden color with a hint of redness.  Very thick mouth feel.  At first this beer was really heavy with a strong alcohol flavor, but as it warmed up this beer started taking on a lot of interesting flavors, including a great IPA “spicyness”  to it.  Rating: *1/2 (Good)
He’Brew (San Fransico, CA) Genesis Dry Hopped Session Ale (American Pale Ale):  Light red in color with a fast dissapating head.  Sweet malty aroma, very carbonated and sweet with what felt like a pilsner like hops finish to the aftertaste.  This beer was like drinking to seperate beers (one sweet and one hoppy) and the same time.  Interesting brew, but won’t be a regular for me.  Rating:  * (OK)