With isolation and limited ability to go outside the home, I find myself in a position (along with the rest of you) of nervousness and boredom. One can only watch so much Netflix before you develop bedsores and a stiff neck! So, I’ve set myself a challenge to play at least one board game a day during this time and if possible pair it with a good beer, wine, or cocktail. Why not! Feel free to play along.


Last night I came home to my wonderful wife Sarajo already working on her mis en place for our dinner of mostly vegan lentil and spinach soup. Because of a rough day at work and dinner on the way in the Instant Pot, we opted for a very quick game. This is Love Letter, a very tiny and ultimately portable game, good for 2-4 players. My edition comes in a little velvet sack and looks oh-so-manly.

This is a very quick game with rounds taking just a few minutes. The idea is to be the one to garner the most favor (little red cubes) with the princess. Players set the number of cubes to win the game based on how long they want to play. We set the goal at 5 cubes. With two players the rounds go very quickly, but this takes a little longer with larger groups. There are only a small amount of cards, and there is a cheat sheet with info on number of each card type and their effects. The most plentiful card is the Guard, which allows you when played to guess what card is in another player’s hand–if you are correct, that player is now out of the round. This game has been reworked a few times with Batman, Archer, and more as themes using the same mechanic.

I paired this game with Double Dry Hopped L-Bombs from Falling Knife Brewing in the Twin Cities. I believe this was their Valentine’s themed beer. It was a bit sweet with plenty of tropical fruit character. I figured the Love Letter was a proper pairing just for the name! I really like what Falling Knife is doing with their beers, so please support them with growler sales during this time of social distancing. Sj does not like IPA (I know, right?) so she made me open a bottle of Sokol Blosser Evolution white wine for her pairing.

This was a really fast game with 2 players–we finished in about 15 minutes, with me currying the most favor with the beautiful princess. It must have been the power of all the L-Bombs I was dropping all over the place!

And after! Lemon is a mighty cube hunter.

To all our readers: Keep Calm and Play Games!