On the 8th day of RIS-Mas my true love gave to me…Parabola!

In my self-imposed Advent calendar of Russian Imperial stouts, here is the 6th day’s festivities.  You can check out Day 1 (Deschutes Abyss),  Day 2 (Founders CBS),  Day 3 (Olde Hickory Event Horizon), Day 4 (Fair State’s Giantsbane), Day 5 (Chocolate Rain!),  Day 6 (Goose Island BCS), Day 7 (Dark Lord) as well to spread the cheer!

Firestone Walker Parabola 2011

We got to try this beer at a bottle share done by Jim Stroner, so thanks go out to him for cracking this aged gem!  I really wish we could get Firestone Walker in Minnesota!  This is a RIS aged 12 months in bourbon barrels.  ABV is 12.5%.

Aroma: Tons of chocolate maltiness, milk or lactose type aroma along with this.  Smells balanced and yummy!  No oxidation at all in aroma.

Appearance: Deep brown in color and nearly opaque.  Medium fine light tan head that is easily roused.

Flavor: Milk chocolate and smooth whiskey!  Very minimal oxidation to this one despite its advanced age.  Creamy mouthfeel and pleasant smooth finish.  Mild roast malt but not astringent.  Balanced to sweet side but not cloying by any means.

Overall: Amazing balance to this beer.  Shocking how little oxidation there is in this 6 year old stout.  I wonder what it tasted like fresh!

Rating (0-5): 4.25 Quadratic Equations


You may have noticed I’ve skipped day 7…I’ll be posting that one tomorrow for technical reasons!  Also no picture today because I forgot to take one in the heat of the moment…