On the 6th day of RIS-Mas my true love gave to me…6 Geese-a-laying?  One Goose Island?

In my self-imposed Advent calendar of Russian Imperial stouts, here is the 6th day’s festivities.  You can check out Day 1 (Deschutes Abyss),  Day 2 (Founders CBS),  Day 3 (Olde Hickory Event Horizon), Day 4 (Fair State’s Giantsbane), and Day 5 (Chocolate Rain!) as well to spread the cheer!


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2012

I’ve been a fan of this beer since very early on.  I remember having my first taste at Goose Island Brewpub in Chicago back in the late 1990’s when I lived in the city.  Other than the multiple bottles of 2015 that went sour on me I’ve continued to love this beer.  I struggle a little with supporting ABInBev with more recent purchases and actually didn’t even try for any this year.  This particular vintage is 2012, this was likely put in barrels in 2011 which was the year they were bought out.  I can tell myself that this batch is still OK.

Aroma: Fairly strong bourbon up front.  Not sure why that surprises me!  Vanilla is strong with just a hint of dark coffee.  Dark fruit like prune and raisin is present.  Smells sweet and alcoholic with the nasal zing I get from smelling spirits.  Chocolate notes as it warms a bit.

Appearance:  Deep black in color and completely opaque.  Viscous and leaves legs on the side of the glass. Head pretty skimpy and fades fast.

Flavor: Strongly sweet and almost hot from the bourbon in this.  I pick up hints of soy sauce but not terrible.  Dark chocolate bitterness followed by some tannin from barrel and finish of vanilla. Body is medium to thick but the booze cuts it a bit with a alcoholic harshness on the finish. Other than the soy I get very little paper oxidation from such an old beer.

Overall: About what I’ve come to expect!  Boozy, sweet, syrupy.  This is holding up incredibly well and is still a great beer.

Rating (0-5 Scale): 4.25 Geese-A-Laying


Next up: Firestone Walker Parabola 2011!