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Drekker Brewing Company is quickly becoming a destination when it comes to finding quality beer, not just in Fargo, ND, but the Midwest as a whole.  If the buzz created at the Great American Beer Festival is any indication, Drekker is on the upswing.  Luckily for local Minnesotans, they are also now a force in MN liquor stores.  Their cans showed up in distro a few months ago and they are definitely worth a try.  When Dan brought me a few of their cans to review I was happy to do a little beer research!


Drekker Coconut Killer IPA


This is part of the Valhalla Series of beers, made with the improbable combination, of coconut, vanilla, lactose, and oats, then double dry-hopped with Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops.  Again, skeptical, but hey–its beer!

The aroma is bright with melon, citrus, mango, and tangerine rind.  Just a hint of coconut on the tail end, but not the Coppertone aroma I’ve smelled off of those that use extract!  I don’t really smell any vanilla at first but as it warms and the citrus fades I can pick up a smidge.

Appearance is thick, deep gold, and hazy as all hell.  Huge, tight-bubbled pillowy off-white head that goes for miles.

Flavor is chock full-o-hops right up front–fairly bursting with citrus, tropical fruit and honeydew melon.  Fades to a mild coconut flavor and sweetish finish quickly.  Mouthfeel is smooth and palate-filling.  Vanilla may be accentuating the sweetness but not a lot of distinct flavor.  Not much bitterness at all and very approachable for those not “into” IPA styles.  This is a serious tropical fruit bomb that I’m sure any Parrot Head would be excited to drink whilst listening to Jimmy on a sunny beach!  I give it a 4 out of 5.


Drekker Wheeze The Juice

This is an unapologetic Northeast IPA with 59 IBU and 6% ABV.

Aroma is fair to bursting with pure fresh orange juice, grapefruit peel and a hint of pine tree sap.  Light malt character with a touch of sweetness.

Appearance is light gold and super hazy.  Tight pure white head that fades fairly quickly.

Flavor is like booze and orange juice had a love child…maybe like a mild screwdriver?  Lots and lots of orange juice, but with a hint of earthy or grassy notes on the finish.  This is not incredibly complex but delivers exactly what it advertises!  There is enough bitterness to keep this from being sweet.  Finish is off-dry due to the bitterness.  Medium body.  This is a really nice beer!  4.25

Drekker Ectogasm

At the risk of sounding dirty, you might want to set aside some time to have multiple Ectogasms.  This is the adult version of the popular Ghostbusters-themed juice box I used to guzzle by the box as a kid.  Now, this adult baby is bursting with juicy hop flavor and is a worthy representation of the NEIPA style that is finally rocking the Midwest.  This 7% American IPA is hazy and beautiful.  Hop bitterness is there, but slight to make sure that the juicy flavors of citrus shine through.  If you are enjoying this in public, please don’t go all Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally and get thrown out.  This beer is fantastic and I strongly recommend you put on your proton pack and go grab a 4-pack!

Drekker Brewing

Drekker People Eater

I have to be honest when I say I was skeptical about this.  I know that kettle sours can be a divisive topic amongst beer geeks.  I will say that I enjoy a well-made kettle sour.  However, there are a handful of kettle sours that I have had over the years that miss the mark because of an imbalance of acidity–we’re talking so much acidity that I could feel the beer eating away my stomach lining faster than a beaver in an Amish furniture store.

The People Eater is unique due to its bouquet of basil and blueberries.  The tartness level in this beer is moderate, which I appreciate.  The presence of basil is subtle, and for me, that is why the beer works.  The blueberry adds some nice fruit overtures that round out the balance of the beer.  I know that the monster on the can is intimidating, but this is definitely a sour beer that will not give your palate nightmares.  This is beer pairs perfectly with a patio and great conversation.