Urban Growler Today, Black Friday, Urban Growler is having their first ever bottle release.  Yes, you read that correctly; first ever bottle release!!!  For a brewery that has cemented itself as a haven for building community and enjoying fantastic beer, I cannot believe that this is their first bottle release.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter

One of the many beer styles that Urban Growler has down pat is the porter.  For their anniversary party back in the summer they had several versions of the De-Lovely Porter (now available in cans on liquor store shelves) on tap and they were all tremendous.  Urban Growler’s bourbon barrel-aged porter will be available for purchase on Black Friday (11/24).  It will sell for $15.00 (limit 2 per person).  This beer is priced at an unbelievable value and I can say it makes the perfect gift for the beer geek on your holiday gift list.

Urban Growler


Being that this is their first bottle release, it was very much all hands on deck when it came to packaging.  As of Drinksgiving (Wed. night before Turkey Day), Urban Growler’s beer elves were busy labeling, numbering, and boxing up the bottles.  It was fun to see all this go down and really gave me a sense of gratitude for all their hard work.



The beer is full of wonderful of dark fruit and chocolate flavors.  Do yourself a favor and let it warm up to allow the flavors awaken and envelope your senses.  The mouthfeel is superb, full of a velvety smoothness that is pleasing to the palate.  Being that this beer was aged in bourbon barrels for 9 months, it has some barrel in the nose and taste.  I would say that of the many barrel-aged beers available, this one has a balanced barrel character that doesn’t overpower the beer.

Urban GrowlerThis beer clocks in around 11% ABV and is definitely a sipper.  This special bottle is a great thing to share with your friends and family.  It almost seems like an extension of the warmth and care that Deb and Jill have for their staff and loyal customers.  If you don’t make it into the brewery to grab a bottle or two today, please consider stopping by the taproom on Small Business Saturday (11/25) for lunch, dinner, or a pint somewhere along the way.  There are many breweries in MN, but few who take to heart, as seriously, the charge of making everyone feel welcome in their space.

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