Boundary Waters Box

The folks at Summit Brewing Company know that Minnesotans love to get outside and drink beer in the summer so they have given us the Boundary Waters Box variety pack.  Included in this mixed 12-pack of cans (no glass by the pool!) are Summer Ale, Hefeweizen, Wit Bier, and Keller Pils.  Yes, you read that right; Keller Pils is back, baby!!

Summer Ale

Summit Summer Ale is a refreshing beer that drinks easy and light.  Summer Ale is extremely sessionable and has a fantastic and floral hop bite which makes you want to drink another one.  This is a beer for everyone in its approachability and will only make summer better.  Whether you are on your boat reeling in a lunker or in your hammock listening to squirrels chase each other with a fury of a thousand DMV workers, Summer Ale is the perfect liquid accompaniment.

Summit BrewingWit Bier

The Wit Bier is a great addition to the Boundary Waters Box.  It has a nice bouquet that is a combination of spice and citrus. The yeast gives it a slight tartness and a bit of a dry finish.  If you have not had a lot of exposure to Belgian-style beers, this is a good way to start.  If you are well-versed in Belgian-style beers, I think you will find this hits the mark quite admirably.


The Hefeweizen is back by popular demand!  The unmistakable flavors and aromas of banana and clove are present and accounted for in this beer.  It also has a nice citrus bite to act as a balancing factor in the beer.  This style is a favorite of many and you can rest assured that Summit delivers on this classic.

Keller Pils

Speaking of classic, they said that they would only brew Keller Pils once for thSummit Brewinge 30th anniversary.  Well, it went over so well it turned into a classic.  Summit is giving us another crack at this and I am so happy.  The crispness of the beer is perfect for summer.  I am happy to be able to make Keller Pils my beer of summer again in 2017.  To me, drinking this beer is like taking a mini-lesson in brewing history.

Get out and enjoy the Boundary Waters Box. Thankjs to developements in packaging that you can learn about on, this pack travels well and the cans are easy to stack in a cooler.  While you are out soaking up the outdoors, bring these beers along to help wet your whistle and stay refreshed.  Before we know it, you will be lacing up your lederhosen and cracking a Summit Oktoberfest.  Summer, like a Hobbit, is short and sweet; so enjoy it while you can (notice the pun!).  Prost!

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