Summit Unchained Mother Nature teased us a few weeks back with some shorts weather.  However, it was just a tease, and we haven’t really been able to feel like spring since then.  Luckily, Summit brewer, James Birnie, has decided to give us a Spring Saison as his first crack at an Unchained beer.  Not only does this beer’s packaging look like spring with its green color, it has the flavors and aromas of a perfect beer to enjoy under the sun.

The Beer

The beer has a brilliant goldenrod color. The head dissipates quickly leaving only a very thin blanket of bubbles to shelter the beer from impending drinkage.  The classic saison yeast dazzles with its estery goodness and hints of lemon.

The refreshing beer is extremely effervescent and crisp.  If you are looking for something to really pour ice water down your palate’s back, the Spring Saison is the beerSummit Unchained for you.  There is a great balance to this beer and it is very low on the tartness scale.  This beer represents the cleaner areas of the farmhouse when compared to other iterations of the style that are straight up barnyard.

The flavors of lemon and pepper make exactly what you would expect.  The lemon adds a bright citrus note while the pepper gives it a spiciness.  This beer also has a nice element of toasted bread that really gives it some mouthfeel.  I like the hoppiness of this beer because it drinks crisper than other saisons I have tried.  It finishes dry which only makes you want to crack another can.

This beer is available right now in cans and on draft.  So, I would grab some so that when we are finally granted access to spring and all its sunny glory, you are ready to hydrate with the flavor and artistry that Summit is known for.

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