Summit BrewingThere are certain ingredients in a beer that just make me throw my hands up and yell, “Fine, just take my money.  Here, take all of it!”  Summit Brewing Co.’s latest Unchained Series has me worried about the financial fallout that this great beer will surely have on my bank account.  Coffee is the elixir that keeps my motor running until it is socially acceptable for me to crack a beer.  For the first time ever, coffee is a prominently featured ingredient in a beer from Summit thanks to brewer, Pete Stacy.

The Coffee

pete-stacy-brewerPete has a great affinity for coffee citing its importance to a brewer. He loves coffee and often getting the subscription gifts.  He found inspiration in the Mocha Java Stout from Barrio Brewing Co. in Tucson, AZ.  Pete got his start in brewing at Barrio and so he liked the challenge of brewing a beer infused with coffee.  Pete worked with Cafe Imports to select the beans for this brew.  Coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil were chosen after a careful selection process.  From there, Pete worked with Blackeye Roasting Co. to achieve the perfect blend of beans for the beer.

The Beer

Personally, this might be my favorite Unchained Series beer to date.  The coffee aroma is absolutely seductive the way it tempts your nose with a robust and enchanting aroma.  The beer is as dark as the soul of a lifer at the DMV.  Atop this pitch black liquid floats a magnificent tan head.  For this beer, the word of the day is balance.  Lots of coffee flavor and the dialed incan-pour-shot-03 bitterness that goes along with it starts out the taste.  However, by the end, the elements of sweetness in the milk stout work their magic.  The end result is a stellar beer which is going to make you happy you decided to get your beer and coffee fix in the same glass.

This beer will be hitting stores this week and will go fast.  Dark Infusión is available on tap around town and in 16 oz. 4-pack cans.  If you like coffee beers that effuse balance and character, Dark Infusión is a must try.  For Pete Stacy’s first foray into the Unchained Series, I think he definitely hit his mark.

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