DSCN2732Just like the can art on Northgate Brewing’s Get Together depicts soldiers locked in battle, winter is tussling with spring for one last chilly hurrah.  When spring decides to sweep the leg and overtake winter, local craft beer drinkers will be ready for the aromatic and fruity hop-forward beers that warmer weather will certainly bring.  Get Together is the latest release from Northgate Brewing in Minneapolis and it is a Session IPA that is packed with hoppy goodness (50 IBU) at a modest ABV (4.4%).  It is available in the taproom as well as in 4-packs of 16oz cans for the summer.

This beer pours nicely with a fluffy, white head.  Slightly hazy, Get Together has a magnificent marmalade color to it.  The head retention is moderate on this beer.  The nose on this beer is a chorus of fruity, earthy, piney, and spicy notes.  In short, this is springtime in a glass.  To me, this beer’s aromatic profile will entice anyone with an appreciation for a refreshing hop bouquet.

The flavor of Get Together is bursting with piney, resiny, and citrus flavors.  Get Together combDSCN2730ines the fruitiness of grapefruit rind with the hop essence of resiny of pine needles.  There is also a spiciness from the hops that give the beer a nice bite.  The grapefruit rind gives the beer some sweetness, but also a drying sensation to finish the beer out.  The hop character of this beer is balanced out with some nice bready, malty notes to provide a sweetness in the middle.  Get Together is light in body with a nice effervescent mouthfeel that finishes dry.  There are several food pairings listed on the can that make a lot of sense when you think about the flavors and body of this beer.

Get Together is the perfect beer to enjoy as you are sitting around with friends and enjoying the first buds of spring.  As the tulips shoot out of the ground and grills roll out of the garages, make sure that 4-packs of Get Together are a part of your reconnection to springtime.  To me, the best part about craft beer is getting together with friends to enjoy some laughs and stories.  Get Together is the perfect beer to be at the center of those fun and relaxing interactions.



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